Tree Service in Tomball

Tomball residents don’t need to look far and wide to find someone to take care of their trees. We proudly provide tree service in Tomball and the surrounding areas, taking care of all your trees’ needs. From tree sales and planting to tree trimming to tree removal, we have you covered.

Why Hire Us

Our team is highly trained and includes ISA certified arborists. This certification is the industry standard and demonstrates the highest level of knowledge and skill. You can put that knowledge to good use with a range of arborist services. Our certified arborists are also commonly involved in other services, including tree inspections.

In addition to the training of our certified arborists, every other member of our team is also highly trained. This includes the climbers who take care of tree trimming and removal. They receive extensive training to ensure that they know how to stay safe while climbing trees and cutting branches. This training also helps keep you safe, as well as anyone else who happens to be on the property. It even protects your property, as falling branches can damage anything from lawn furniture to flower beds to cars.

Tree Trimming in Tomball

Among our most common services in Tomball is tree trimming. Our experienced climbers are comfortable even when high up in the trees. They also have the training and experience necessary to quickly and correctly determine the best spots to cut a tree.

Our tree trimming can be for the overall health of the tree, or it can help you achieve a specific goal. We commonly clean out the crown, which involves removing limbs that are dead, dying, or crossing, as well as any weak limbs. We also regularly elevate the crown, giving you enough clearance under the tree for your car or for power lines. Or we can perform vista trimming, which is designed to maintain the tree while freeing up your view. While we prefer not to whenever possible, we may also reduce the crown of the tree as a last step to try to save it.

Tree Removal in Tomball

Out of the various tree services we perform in Tomball, tree removal is likely the most dangerous. It involves climbing the trees and cutting off branches in a way that will not injure people or damage your property. When it comes to tree removal, you will strongly appreciate working with our experts, as everyone is well-informed on safety measures and has experience working up in the trees.

We take various steps to maximize safety during tree removal, starting with our team using a range of safety gear. We also take care not to just drop large limbs to the ground haphazardly. Instead, we attach rope so we can slowly lower them, dramatically reducing the risk of injury or damage. Even with those precautions, we always ensure the area immediately surrounding the tree is clear as an extra safeguard.

Certified Arborist Services in Tomball

Our certified arborists work closely with all of our other team members to provide the best care for your trees in Tomball. They also use their skills to provide unique services, such as diagnosing your trees. Our certified arborists will inspect your trees for problems as well as potential stressors that make them more prone to those issues.

They can also help you care for your trees in general. They will gladly provide customized advice for your trees, based on their species and your property’s conditions, including its soil and sunlight. Our certified arborists can even help you protect your trees before you start a construction project on your property.

Stump Grinding in Tomball

After removing a tree, you are typically left with an unsightly stump, or maybe even a hole. We have specialized equipment for stump grinding that lets us easily and safely remove that leftover stump. We gladly offer this service as part of our tree removal process or for stumps left from trees someone else removed from you. We can even grind stumps that have been on your property for a while.

The process of stump grinding does not leave you with a hole in the ground, which is the case with other stump removal methods. Instead, you get a flat surface, despite the fact that the process removes a large portion of the tree’s roots. By grinding the entirety of the root system portion that is above the ground, you have a clear space to complete any future landscaping you want.

Tree Sales in Tomball

When you are looking to plant new trees on your Tomball property, we are here to help. We can sell you the trees and plant them for you. We pride ourselves on only selling the best of the best when it comes to trees. We can do this thanks to our various wholesale accounts throughout the area. Each of those accounts is with a supplier known for quality trees, and we carefully choose each tree we purchase from them, resulting in trees that are likely to thrive on your property.

If you aren’t sure which species of tree to plant, we can also help you decide.

Tree Treatment in Tomball

Our tree treatment services can take various forms, as there are plenty of issues that can negatively affect trees. Just some of the common treatments include deep root fertilization, foliar feedings, and vertical mulching as well as tree spraying and root flare excavation. All of our treatments and fertilization only use compost teas and organic tree fertilizers, without any harsh chemicals.

Hedge Trimming in Tomball

Although your hedges are not technically trees, our expertise extends to hedge trimming. Professionally-trimmed hedges can improve your property’s curb appeal and therefore its value. Our team can help you maintain your hedges’ shape to fit your landscape’s aesthetic.

Trimming hedges is also a key part of caring for these plants, as pruning them provides similar benefits as it does for pruning trees. That is important as most people rely on their hedges for aesthetics, privacy, and sound and wind insulation.