Arborist Services

Certified Arborists

All of our Houston arborists have received ISA certification. This indicates that they have undergone rigorous training that allows them to diagnose potential health issues that can affect your trees. As part of their arborist certification and experience, our arborists can also determine the best treatment plan. We will help you understand every aspect of your trees, including tree care methods that optimize their health and solutions to any issues.

When working with our arborists, keep in mind that there are always some trees which are dead or dying. This is true of every forest. Arborist services can examine your trees to find potential issues that would lead to your trees becoming one of those who are dying. If necessary, they can trim or remove the tree in question. Due to their experience and training, our arborists can detect issues early on. This increases the chances of saving a tree and allowing it to live a long life.

Diagnosing Disease And Insects In Trees

Disease and insects are the two largest problems that trees face, and this is just as true on private property in Houston as it is in natural forests. Anytime that a tree has dead branches, this may mean there is not enough sunlight or the tree has a disease. The worst case scenario would be if the disease is not properly diagnosed with the sick branches removed as this can lead to the disease spreading throughout the tree, leading to its death. The same is true of insects as even the smallest infestations may quickly affect the whole tree. In either scenario, an issue that is left too long may spread to nearby trees.

Our arborist services in Houston can prevent these issues by identifying disease and insects and then creating a plan for treatment. Make an appointment with an arborist if you notice something odd about your trees. This can include fungus or branch die back.

Consultation Or Diagnosis By An Arborist

Anytime you think your tree may not be healthy, an arborist from our team would be happy to perform a consultation or diagnosis. In many cases, our experience and knowledge allow us to quickly make a diagnosis and determine the ideal treatment. We are familiar with numerous treatment options.


Many people choose to add trees to their property for their aesthetic value, but this requires a healthy plant. Certified arborists on our staff can help you make sure that any trees you add to your property are healthy. They can also ensure they remain that way. A short consultation will be worth the investment as healthy trees last longer and are more vibrant.