The Woodlands Tree Service ISA Arborists

We are proud to provide tree service, including arborist services, in the Woodlands and the surrounding areas. Our team includes certified arborists who will share their expertise with you to care for your trees. Our certified arborists also regularly work with our other team members, sharing their skills and allowing us to provide all of our clients with the highest quality of tree service. Those certified arborists allow us to maintain high standards for safety and tree care.

The Woodlands Tree Service ISA Arborists

Our team is large enough to handle projects of any size, whether you have just one or two trees on your property that need trimming or treatment or have dozens of trees on a larger property.

Certified Arborist Services

As mentioned, we have certified arborists on our team. Our arborists use their extensive training and knowledge to diagnose your trees and provide expert advice. Their experience can provide a quick, accurate diagnosis for a range of problems, including spotted leaves, stems with dieback, poor growth, wilting leaves, cankers, gall growths, yellowing leaves, bark fungus, tree stress, or issues with the soil or watering.

After a careful evaluation, our certified arborists use their experience to suggest the best course of action, then follow through with the treatment.

Our certified arborists can also offer suggestions when it comes time to plant new trees. They can recommend trees that work well in the soil and climate of the Woodlands and provide what you want, whether that is shade, fruit, or something else.

Tree Treatment Services

Most of our tree treatment services involve an arborist, although most of our team members are more than qualified to follow the instructions our arborist provides. We can provide a range of tree treatments depending on the needs of your plants, including deep root fertilization, foliar feedings, vertical mulching, root flare excavation, and tree spraying. We can also treat various diseases and infestations, including oak wilt.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming should be a part of every resident in the Woodlands’ regular landscape maintenance. Trimming trees at regular intervals helps keep them healthy and it is particularly important in certain situations.

Our arborists can evaluate whether dying limbs can be treated or if they should be trimmed off. Trimming can remove dead or sick branches as well, with the latter being an important step in preventing diseases or infestations from spreading.

Carefully trimming certain areas of your trees can provide the remaining branches and leaves with more access to air and sunlight. Or, we can trim trees to prevent them from interfering with phone wires or structures, or to make sure there is enough room for pedestrians or cars to pass.

Tree Removal Services

In some cases, our arborists may suggest tree removal instead of trying to heal a tree. This can be the case if the tree is too sick or poses a risk to other trees on your property. We also offer tree removal services if you simply decide you no longer want a particular tree on your property.

Our tree removal services take full advantage of our safety equipment and expertise, as this is a dangerous task to those unfamiliar with it. Our experience, however, means that every single member of our tree removal team is familiar with the proper safety procedures. This keeps our team safe, as well as your property and anyone on it during the removal.

After our tree removal services, we clean up any remaining branches and leaves, so you do not have to deal with any mess.

Stump Grinding Services

Whether or not you have us remove your trees for you, we are happy to perform stump grinding in the Woodlands. We have the best equipment in the industry, allowing us to quickly, accurately, and efficiently grind your stumps.

Stump grinding is the perfect solution to get your lawn back to normal after removing a tree, as there is no hole left behind. You can plant grass there and watch the former stump blend seamlessly into the rest of your lawn. This not only beautifies your landscape, but it also minimizes the safety risks that come from a hole in your lawn.

Tree Sales

In addition to caring for existing trees, we are proud to offer those in the Woodlands tree sales. We carefully select all of our trees, ensuring they meet our high standards of health. This maximizes their resiliency and means that you do not need to know what to look for in a tree. We are able to be so selective with trees thanks to our numerous wholesale accounts and suppliers in the area. We will only sell you the best of the best.

As mentioned, our certified arborists will gladly consult with you to offer suggestions on trees. We can suggest native trees that are likely to thrive or trees that meet your requirements for appearance, size, and other factors.

In addition to selling the trees, we will also plant them for you. Planting trees can be a delicate process, but thanks to our team’s experience, we can do so efficiently while maintaining the health of the trees. Before we leave your property, we will make sure you understand how to care for your freshly-planted tree, including its watering requirements.

Hedge Trimming Services

While the majority of our services in the Woodlands focus on trees, we also provide hedge trimming services. Trimming your hedges properly can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as the health of the hedges. Properly maintained hedges can also provide added benefits, from privacy to sound and wind insulation.

Contact Us for Tree Services in the Woodlands

No matter the type of tree services you require in the Woodlands or surrounding areas, we are happy to assist you. Contact us and we will gladly provide you with an estimate for our services. We can frequently give you an estimate within a day and will schedule our services at your convenience, so you can have your trees cared for by professionals whenever is most convenient for you.