Katy Tree Service ISA Arborists

When you need any type of tree service in Katy, we are here to help you. We have decades of experience serving the community, giving us plenty of familiarity with native plants as well as those not native to the area. Our relationship with The City of Katy is unparalleled.

With certified arborists on staff, you can rest assured that your trees are in good hands, whether we are treating them, planting them, or providing another service. To ensure every member of our team has up-to-date knowledge, we keep up with the latest training. Our certified arborists also regularly provide training to our climbers and other members of staff, which is supplemented by outside training.

You don’t have to take our word in regards to our experience and reputation. We have licensed and fully insured to provide tree services in Katy and the surrounding areas. This way, you always have peace of mind when hiring us.

We offer a vast range of tree services, so you never have to find another company in Katy to assist you. From tree removal and stump grinding to tree planting to tree trimming, we provide all the services you need.

Tree Trimming in Katy

One of our most popular services in Katy is tree trimming. Tree trimming and pruning help your trees maintain their structure and overall health. Our expertise with tree trimming means that we know exactly where to make the cuts to maximize the tree’s recovery and future growth. This is important, as a single miscut can put the health of a tree at once.

Whether you want your trees trimmed to maximize ground clearance, avoid electric wires, keep them healthy, or just to shape them, you can count on us.

Tree Removal in Katy

While our goal is always to save trees whenever possible, we also provide tree removal in Katy. There are plenty of reasons that a tree may need to be removed. The most common is when a tree is sick and poses a risk to other trees on your property or to people, due to the risk of falling branches. You do not even need a reason for us to remove trees from your property. It can be as simple as not wanting that particular tree on your land. If you are unsure if your tree is sick enough to require removal, our certified arborists can evaluate it for you.

No matter the reason we are removing the tree or the condition it is in, we always follow the latest safety protocols to keep our team and you safe. We have high-quality safety gear and take the necessary precautions. At the end of the tree removal process, we clean up any mess we made, including fallen branches. We can even grind the stump to leave a flat surface behind.

Certified Arborist Services in Katy

Not everyone who deals with trees has the same level of expertise. You should always look for companies with ISA-certified arborists. To receive the certification, these arborists must have proven their abilities and knowledge, so you know they have sufficient expertise to care for your trees properly.

Our certified arborists can provide a range of services using this expertise. Among the most common is inspecting and diagnosing trees with problems like disease or insects. From there, they can determine the ideal treatment and confirm that your tree is likely to survive. They may also evaluate your tree and tell you that it has minimal chances of survival or could infect others. In those cases, they may suggest removing the tree and replacing it with a new one.

Our certified arborists can also help you choose which trees to plant on your property. They can listen to your requirements and then make a suggestion based on which species thrive in the area and work well with your sunlight, soil, and watering requirements.

Tree Sales in Katy

Our arborists can do more than just provide advice as to which trees would work best on your property. We also offer tree sales, so you can get those trees from us and have us take care of planting them. You can ask us for as much or as little advice as you want when choosing a tree. Some Katy residents just want to confirm that their favorite type of tree will do well on their property, or to know their watering requirements. Other clients have a specific set of requirements, such as size, shade, and fruit, and ask us which trees fit the bill.

We source our trees from various wholesalers, which lets us be extremely selective. We only sell healthy trees that are likely to thrive. Of course, we will also make sure that you know how to properly care for any tree you buy from us.

Tree Treatment in Katy

Tree treatment frequently goes hand-in-hand with the diagnoses that our certified arborists provide for your trees. Sometimes, they will carry out the treatment themselves. Other times, they will let other members of our team know what to do. All of our team members are more than experienced enough to provide treatments like fertilization, root flare excavations, and tree spraying.

Stump Grinding in Katy

As mentioned, after we remove a tree from your property, we can also offer stump grinding. We are also happy to provide stump grinding for trees we did not remove. Stump grinding is the best method to get your lawn back to a flat surface. This can reduce the risk of accidents and improve the overall appearance of your landscape. We can even use the mulch from grinding the stump to provide nutrients for your trees and other plants.

Hedge Trimming in Katy

While most of our services in Katy focus on trees, we also gladly provide other services, such as hedge trimming. As with trees, trimming your hedges can help with aesthetics as well as functionality and overall health. Trimming can remove weak or sick parts of the hedges, encouraging the remaining parts to remain healthy. With healthy hedges on your property, you will get to enjoy insulation from both sound and wind.