Pasadena Tree Service ISA Arborists

As a Pasadena resident, you don’t have to worry about who to hire to care for your trees, as we can assist you with all of your needs. We are proud to offer Pasadena and the surrounding areas tree services. We can handle everything you need, from tree sales to tree treatment to tree removal, and even hedge trimming.

Why Hire Us in Pasadena

Our highly-trained team includes arborists certified by the ISA, the industry-standard. To receive this certification, arborists must demonstrate their skills and knowledge are at the highest level. Our arborist services let you take advantage of their knowledge and experience. In addition to the separate arborist services, our ISA certified arborists regularly participate in our other services. Some of them even help train our climbers and other team members.

Every single member of our team, whether or not they are a certified arborist, is highly trained. Our climbers, for example, undergo extensive training as a safety precaution. This training helps ensure that they stay safe while up in the trees and keep the area safe for anyone and anything below or by the tree. Regular safety reviews and workshops help ensure that our climbers never forget the importance of any individual safety measure.

Pasadena Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of the services Pasadena homeowners most frequently request from us. Thanks to their training and experience, our climbers feel comfortable even when high above the ground. Their training further allows them to efficiently make cuts on your trees to promote their health.

In many cases, homeowners ask us to trim their trees to help keep the tree healthy. Other times, homeowners have a specific goal in mind. One of the most common types of tree trimming we perform is cleaning the crown. During this, we remove any limbs that are crossing, dead, dying, or weak. It is also common to have us elevate the crown of a tree, especially those over driveways or sidewalks. This can provide clearance. Vista trimming is also popular, letting you view the landscape beyond your tree without compromising the plant’s health.

Like all other reputable tree services in Pasadena, we avoid reducing a tree’s crown whenever possible. This is not usually in the tree’s best interests, but there are rare exceptions, including as part of tree treatment.

We can also trim your hedges for you, maximizing their health and appearance.

Pasadena Tree Removal

While most of our tree services are best left to the experts, that is particularly true for tree removal, due to the potential danger. Climbing high up in a tree is dangerous in itself, and it becomes even more dangerous when you start cutting limbs and branches. This is where our extensive training comes in, as it lets our team stay safe and keep anyone else nearby, including you, safe.

We use the latest safety equipment and regularly check that equipment to ensure it is still in good condition and works properly. Our team has also been trained on the industry-standard safety measures. One example of our efforts towards safety is that we do not just cut off a branch and hope it falls somewhere safe. Instead, we clear the area but still attach a rope to branches before cutting them. This lets us safely lower them to the ground instead of just letting them fall. After all, even if no one is by a fallen branch, the impact could break off small pieces of bark and send those flying. Our methods dramatically reduce that risk.

Pasadena Certified Arborist Services

You will frequently find our ISA certified arborists working on various tree service projects with our other team members. In these cases, they can help provide guidance and ensure that the right steps are being taken to maximize the health and longevity of the tree.

Our certified arborists also provide various services that you can only get from them. For example, if you have a sick tree, they will inspect and diagnose the problem for you. Their knowledge and experience let them diagnose your trees and come up with an ideal treatment. They might complete the treatment themselves or let other capable members of our team know what to do.

You can also ask our certified arborists for advice regarding tree care. This will be customized based on your property and the tree species. They can also help you take measures to protect trees before construction or other projects on your property.

Pasadena Stump Grinding

Unless we grind the stump, removing a tree results in a leftover stump. Most homeowners prefer not to have the stump on their property, but also don’t want a gaping hole where it was. Our specialty stump grinding equipment is the perfect solution. It grinds the stump above the ground and several inches below, including a large portion of the roots.

After stump grinding, your landscape is left with a flat surface that you can eventually use for other landscaping plans. At the very least, you get a space that can grow grass instead of a safety hazard and eyesore in the form of a stump.

We will gladly grind stumps in Pasadena, even if we did not remove the tree for you. Many people add this to our tree removal services, but you can also have us take care of it in the future if you prefer.

Pasadena Tree Sales

When you plan to plant new trees by your Pasadena home, we can help. We pride ourselves on our high-quality trees, which our team carefully chooses. Houston Tree Surgeons will also plant your new trees for you and let you know how to care for them. We can also give you as much advice as you want when choosing a tree. We can even suggest species based on your preferences.

Pasadena Tree Treatment

Tree treatment commonly involves a certified arborist, but the rest of our team is also experienced at spotting issues. Common treatments include root flare excavation, tree spraying, and fertilization, such as vertical mulching, foliar feedings, and deep root fertilization.