Tree Services ISA Arborists in Kingwood

No matter the type of tree service you need in Kingwood, we are here to help you. We offer a full range of tree services, all from a licensed and insured company.

Kingwood Tree Trimming

If your Kingwood trees are starting to become overgrown. Are they getting too close to power lines, or your roof, we can trim them for you. We can also elevate the crown by strategically trimming lower branches to boost clearance over your driveway or sidewalk.

No matter the reason you hire us, all of our trimming services prioritize the health of the trees. Strategic cuts are made to get rid of weak and/or dead branches, making it easier for the healthy ones to get the nutrients and sunlight they need.

You should never try to trim your trees yourself, as this can be dangerous. You not only have to climb a tree and remain stable up there, but you have to be careful with falling branches to avoid injury or property damage. Even with cuts closer to the ground, there is a risk that an imprecise cut will make it harder for the tree to heal. This can lead to stress and make it more susceptible to disease and infestations.

Kingwood Tree Treatment

Speaking of diseases and infestations, if you notice anything amiss about your tree, contact our tree service. Our team includes certified arborists who can typically diagnose your tree quickly. They will use their vast tree knowledge as well as their observations from an inspection to not only determine what is wrong with your tree but also the best solution.

One common treatment is root flare excavation, which helps trees get more oxygen. It is particularly helpful for overcoming soil compression, root girdling, or planting too deep. Another common treatment is tree spraying, which relies on organic methods to prevent insects from damaging your tree. We can also assist with fertilization, including methods like deep root fertilization and vertical mulching.

Kingwood Hedge Trimming

If you have hedges on your property, we can trim them for you along with other tree services, preventing the need to hire multiple companies. Hedge trimming promotes the plants’ overall health, helping them last longer. This way, your hedges can continue to provide aesthetic value to your property, boost its value, and insulate against wind and noise.

Kingwood Tree Sales

In addition to caring for your current trees, we can help you find and plant new trees on your Kingwood property. We use our various wholesale accounts to source the best trees in the area. We always carefully inspect trees before selling them to you, as we pride ourselves on only selling trees that are healthy.

Our knowledge and experience help ensure that the process of planting the tree goes off without a hitch. Before we leave your property, we will make sure you understand what your newly planted tree needs in terms of watering and other requirements.

Not sure which tree you want for your property? We can provide advice as part of our tree sales. If you tell us the qualities you want in a tree, such as size, care requirements, fruits, and flowers, we can offer several suggestions for you to choose from.

Kingwood Stump Grinding

After removing a tree, the stump is almost always left behind. There are several ways to remove it, but the best is stump grinding. Stump grinding carefully grinds down the parts of the tree, including its roots that are above the ground. We also grind several inches below the ground. The result is a flat surface that you can use for future landscaping projects.

Stump grinding is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your lawn and reduce the safety risks. After all, if you leave the stump or remove it only to have a hole in its place, it could be a serious safety risk.

Kingwood Certified Arborists

Having certified arborists on our staff lets us provide unique services that take advantage of their knowledge. For example, our certified arborists can accurately diagnose your tree. We’ll let you know what treatment has the best chances of success. Thanks to their knowledge regarding entomology, pathology, plants, specific climates, horticulture, soils, and botany, arborists are the best choice for caring for your sick trees.

Our certified arborists will gladly share as much information with you regarding your tree as you want. If you want, they can show you the signs that let them know what was wrong with it, whether the issue is disease or pests. They will also gladly explain why their suggested treatment is ideal.

Kingwood Tree Removal

While we typically prefer to preserve trees whenever possible, there are still plenty of reasons that they may need to be removed. We may suggest removal if most of the tree canopy is dead or dying. Other possible reasons are there are conks or mushrooms growing, it is leaning heavily, or the tree is unstable. Lastly if the tips show dieback disease, removal is likely the best option.

You may also want to remove a tree if it is unhealthy from improper pruning. Also, if the canopy is too crowded, or the tree is in an area with a lot of other trees. You don’t even need to tell us the reason you want the tree removed; we will gladly take care of this service regardless.

What Sets Us Apart in Kingwood?

Even with various tree service companies in Kingwood, we stand out from the crowd with our experience and quality of service. We are fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, every member of our team is highly trained and experienced, especially our ISA certified arborists.

We pride ourselves on offering a full selection of tree services, letting us take care of everything you need. Throughout our services, we are always honest and friendly. We are upfront with our estimates and let you know if any challenges arise that would increase the estimate. We are also happy to answer your questions about your trees or our services. We want you to feel comfortable having us take care of your Kingwood property.