Humble Tree Service ISA Arborists

Whenever you are in need of tree services in Humble, we are here to help. All of our team members have years of training and we also have certified arborists on staff. We make it a point to ensure our team is always up-to-date on the latest advances in the industry, via efforts such as regular training and workshops.

Hiring us to work on your trees comes with peace of mind, thanks to our company being licensed and insured. Remember that you should not hire just anyone to care for your trees. Working on trees can be dangerous, even if you stay on the ground. After all, a dead tree can drop branches or even fall over, potentially injuring people or causing damage.

We prevent those issues by providing a range of tree services. Our tree treatment and certified arborist services, for example, help keep your trees healthy. Our tree trimming services remove any branches that are in danger of dying. Each of our other services also serves an important purpose.

No matter the type of tree service you need in Humble, we can assist you. While the following are the services we most commonly offer, we can also provide other related services on a case-by-case basis. Our experience, certified arborists, and use of the latest tools allow us to tackle any tree-related job, regardless of size or scope.

Tree Trimming in Humble

Having our certified arborists and other team members trim your trees in Humble will help promote your tree’s health. Trimming is an important part of regular maintenance. Trimming back weak branches can provide the remaining healthy ones with more nutrients and easier access to sunlight.

Tree trimming can also help you with your overall landscaping and property design. For example, we commonly trim the lower branches of trees to make room on a driveway or sidewalk. We also trim back branches that are getting too close to your home or power lines.

All of our trimming is done with a high level of care. Our experience and use of the best tools allow us to make proper cuts that improve the tree’s chances of a quick recovery, which is always the goal.

Tree Removal in Humble

We appreciate trees but understand that there are times where they need to be removed. Our arborists may even suggest you remove a tree in certain situations. For example, if a tree is dead or dying, removing it can prevent the risk of falling branches causing damage or injuries. Or removing a sick or infested tree can prevent the problems from spreading to nearby trees.

Even if you have a perfectly healthy tree, we are happy to help you remove it. You should always leave this process to professionals like us, as it involves climbing trees and potentially falling limbs. Our team is comfortable working at heights and follows safety procedures to protect them and everyone nearby, including from the branches they cut.

When we remove your trees, we always make sure to minimize the impact on your property. For example, we can remove one tree without damaging others that are nearby. We also make it a point to always clean up any mess made from the tree removal. This way, you are not left with a massive pile of branches and leaves to dispose of.

Stump Grinding in Humble

Many of our clients in Humble choose to have us grind their stumps after removing a tree from their property. If you don’t want to leave a stump on your property or have a gaping hole where it once was, then this is the best solution. Stump grinding leaves you with a flat surface and even grinds the roots of the tree down several inches below the ground.

Certified Arborists in Humble

Our certified arborists in Humble have received ISA certification, the highest standard in the industry. This certification means that they have proven their knowledge and skill regarding trees and related plants. Our arborists share that knowledge with you via their services.

One of the most common services our arborists perform is tree diagnosis. They can spot issues like discoloration, poor growth, spotted leaves, wilting leaves, and gall growths. They will not only notice these issues, even when your untrained eyes may not, but they have the skills to figure out what caused the problem.

This lets our arborists create a tree treatment plan that targets the source of the problem. Common issues include changes to the temperature, nutrients, or water; bacteria, insects, and fungi; and improper irrigation.

If you have any construction plans on your property, our certified arborists can also help protect your trees during the process. We can set up protective cabling and provide you with guidelines to minimize stress on the trees during construction.   

Tree Treatment in Humble

In addition to our certified arborists, most of our other team members have the necessary training to perform a range of tree treatments in Humble. We commonly treat oak wilt. We also regularly provide tree fertilization, tree spraying, and root flare excavation.

Tree Sales in Humble

Whether you already know the type of tree you want to plant on your Humble property or need help choosing one, we are here to help. We can provide you with as much or as little advice as you want.

If you want, you can ask us for general recommendations of trees that should thrive on your property given its soil and shade. You can even ask us which trees fit more specific requirements, such as providing a certain amount of shade or having minimal watering requirements.

We pride ourselves on only selling trees that are in great shape. We can achieve this by sourcing from top wholesalers and always carefully evaluating the trees before we buy or sell them.

Hedge Trimming in Humble

You can also count on our team for hedge trimming. We can take care of your hedges at the same time as your trees, saving you the hassle of having to make several appointments. Caring for your hedges by trimming them improves their health as well as the beauty of your landscape.