Tree Sales

Tree Sales and Planting

We offer many trees for sale in Houston Texas.  All of our trees are high-quality, in good health, and come with a one-year warranty. As with any other service we provide, we ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with your purchase. This is why we only sell the best trees that we can find within the Houston area. High-quality trees have a tendency to be healthier and they also look better, leading to satisfied customers. By selling healthier trees, we reduce the frequency with which you will require our services, but we place customer service and quality of service above profit.

A Large Selection Of Trees For Sale

We buy all of our trees from wholesale nurseries, but only select premium ones. Each of our suppliers focuses on high-quality trees and we make sure to buy only the best ones in their selection. We also follow a set of specific guidelines to ensure that our selection of trees is the widest you will find anywhere. Our team will not only sell you a tree; we will make sure that you have picked one that works well on your property and even plant it. Before leaving your property, we will give you watering and care instructions so your tree will remain healthy.

Selecting The Right Tree Size

Tree Sales And Planting

The process of selecting the ideal tree for your property is very important. Our arborists begin with determining the ideal size. It is easy to look at a sapling and forget how much it will grow, which is why we give you specific information on its current size and the largest it will become. Whatever you buy from our tree sales, it should work with your landscape as a whole, not be swallowed up within it or crowd out other features.

Caring For Your New Trees

With the dry climate of Houston, you will want to pick a tree that needs minimal water. All trees need regular watering within their first year after being planted, but we can point you in the direction of those who need slightly less water. We can even work with you to develop a watering and care schedule that doesn’t violate current water restrictions.

Tree Installation

Our team will also ask you about why you want a tree as well as what you want to get from it. Some people want fruit trees or flowering trees, while others simply want to maximize the shade on their property. No matter your goal, we will guide you through all of our trees that meet your requirements so you will be satisfied with your decision.