Pearland Tree Service ISA Arborists

Our tree services company proudly serves Pearland and the surrounding areas, providing a full selection of tree services. From trimming, removal, sales and planting we offer all the tree-related services that you might need. Houston Tree Surgeons can easily customize our tree services, including scaling them up for larger properties.

Pearland Tree Removal

There are numerous situations when it may make sense to remove a tree. Some homeowners need to make room for a home expansion or other landscaping plans. You may be tired of fruit trees attracting wildlife or you may just want to get rid of the tree.

Our arborists may also suggest removing your tree at some point. In addition to removing dead or dying trees, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees. Especially sick trees to reduce the likelihood that their issues don’t spread to others on your property.

No matter the situation, we always take extra precautions with tree removal in Pearland as this is our most dangerous service. Not only does our team spend most of the process up in the trees, but a falling branch could seriously injure someone or damage your property. We go above and beyond the industry standard for safety practices to minimize the risk, resulting in a stellar safety record.

Pearland Certified Arborists

While there are other companies offering tree services in Pearland, not all have certified arborists on staff. This is an important distinction that separates our company from the competition. ISA-certified arborists have proven their expertise. This certification is considered the goal which those in the industry hope to achieve and it requires extensive training, experience, and knowledge.

The fact that we have these highly-trained ISA-certified arborists on our staff lets us offer you higher-quality service. Our certified arborists are able to spot issues affecting your trees better than those without a similar qualification. This can help us save your sick trees or provide overall tree care that will help your plants thrive.

Our arborists participate in a range of our services. Their knowledge regarding entomology, horticulture, soil, botany, plants, pathology, the local Pearland climate, and more is particularly useful for this service.

Our certified arborists can also help you protect your trees before a home improvement project and evaluate them after the project is complete.

Pearland Tree Treatment

While our certified arborists are typically involved in our tree treatment in Pearland, all team members are also highly qualified to provide this service. They have experience planning treatments themselves as well as following the guidance of our arborists for tree treatment.

Our treatments for Pearland trees include fertilization. Examples inlclude; deep root fertilization, foliar feedings, and vertical mulching. We also commonly provide tree spraying, oak wilt treatment, and root flare excavation.

Pearland Tree Sales

If you find yourself in search of a new tree to plant on your Pearland property, we can assist you with this as well. We have multiple wholesale accounts throughout the area, something which lets us pick and choose the best trees available. The result is that we only sell you trees that are healthy and we would be willing to plant on our own properties.

In addition to the tree sales, we will gladly plant the trees for you. Before we leave your property, we’ll make sure you are clear on any care requirements, such as watering or fertilizing. You can even schedule follow-up appointments with our team to confirm your tree is adjusting well.

For those who aren’t positive what type of tree they want, we can also assist you with that. We gladly share our expertise to help you select a tree that fits your needs. You can let us know what you want from a tree in terms of size, watering requirements, shade, whether it bears flowers or fruit, and more. We will then make suggestions based on your preferences and your property, accounting for the climate in Pearland.

Pearland Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees regularly is among the most important maintenance efforts for these plants. It can promote tree health by trimming back weak limbs or sprouts that clog your tree’s canopy.

Tree trimming can also help prevent issues on your property. Maybe you need more ground clearance over your driveway or walkway. Or maybe your tree branches are getting too close to comfort to power lines or your roof.

We can even trim trees that are blocking part of your view, letting you enjoy the vistas around you yet again. We can also trim tree branches to help train them to grow the way you want.

Each of the cuts we make when trimming trees is the result of years of experience and designed to speed up recovery. If a tree is trimmed incorrectly, the cut may not heal, leading to stress and making the tree more susceptible to other health issues. Hiring experts like us prevents this from happening.

Pearland Hedge Trimming

While we are on your property to trim or otherwise care for your trees, we can also take care of your hedges. We have the tools needed to trim hedges of all sizes. Remember that well-trimmed hedges add value to your property. As a bonus, they keep your hedges healthy, allowing them to give you privacy and some insulation against sound and wind.

Pearland Stump Grinding

After we remove a tree from your property, you will be left with a stump unless you ask us to grind it for you. We can also grind the stumps of trees cut down by other companies, even if the tree was not cut recently. This is a popular surface as stumps can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your landscape and pose a trip risk.

Stump grinding removes the stump without leaving behind any holes that you need to fill in. It also eliminates the need to haul tree roots from your property and any damage that a backhoe would cause to your yard.

No matter the tree service you need in Pearland, you can rest easy when working with us, knowing that we are licensed, insured, and highly experienced.