Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the final step that our team does after finishing tree removal. Some people will try to save money by removing a tree themselves. Nearly all leave the stump behind. It is also possible that your new property has an unsightly stump in the middle. You can get creative and turn your stump into a table or incorporate it into your landscape. Unfortunately this does not always work. Our stump grinding experts can expertly remove all of the stump on your Houston property, regardless of how big it is or how long you’ve had it.

Reasons For Stump Grinding

If you don’t find a good way to incorporate your stump into your landscape, then it will become an annoyance or an unsightly bump in the middle of an otherwise perfect yard. It may cause danger as people can forget about the stump and get a splinter or trip, causing a mild to serious injury. On a less severe note, a stump may simply get in the way of your outdoor activities, ruining what would otherwise be the perfect spot to play a game.


Houston stump grinding

It is significantly easier to grind a stump than to remove it by hand. All of our Houston stump grinding services are completely safe and our trained staff are experts in completing the task without risk. We can give you the mulch from the stump grinding or apply it for you on your landscape or on the hole. The safety training our team has undergone dramatically reduces the risk of an accident occurring, as does the fact that we use the top equipment available.

No Holes Afterwards

It is very easy for an untrained person to fail to completely remove the stump; they will either end up with an uneven hole or a small stump remaining. This won’t be an issue with our services, however, as we eliminate any sign that the tree was ever there. In fact, our tools let us grind six to eight inches underneath the ground so the roots as well as the stump are removed. That also means that we don’t create a hole which someone could later trip over.


Most people hire us to grind down a stump to improve the beauty of their lawn. Many homeowners feel their landscape is perfect, but then a tree gets sick and needs to be removed. If the stump remains, there is an unsightly reminder of the tree. When we grind the stump, however, the ugly obstruction is gone, leaving your yard beautiful.